News: TrueAbility Announces New Digital Credentialing Offering through Credly

    March 12, 2024
    2 min read
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    TrueAbility, a performance-based certification platform for a digital workforce, today announced that it will now offer its customers digital credentials through Credly. The two companies have complementary platform offerings that act as a value add for current and prospective customers. By leveraging both technologies, organizations gain the ability to ensure individuals accurately demonstrate their competencies and skills in a real-world environment and receive digital badges as proof and recognition of true talent and ability.
    “It’s clear that organizations of all industries are looking to evolve skill verification programs to attract talent and retain a skilled digital workforce", said Frederick Mendler, CEO, TrueAbility, "and with Credly we’re giving our customers the power to do so with a dedicated ‘all-in-one’ opportunity. This partnership is a testament that showcasing skill abilities and achievements are crucial, and of great value, in today’s competitive digital world.”
    “The skills required to thrive in the modern workforce are evolving rapidly in response to shifts in technology and employer needs,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. "TrueAbility's new digital credential offering gives its certification partners access to a secure, cost-effective way to verify skills and recognize those who have demonstrated the abilities most needed in today’s work environment.”
    Read the full press release from TrueAbility.

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