Webinar: Badge Summit - Rethinking Learning Pathways

    calendar-plus-01 July 20, 2023
    user-circle Credly Team

    About the webinar:

    A recent survey of employers revealed that 59% of respondents are considering eliminating the requirement of a college degree in job specifications. And over the past year, LinkedIn recorded a 21% increase in U.S. job listings that focused on skills rather than traditional qualification requirements.  But how can the traditional college degree support this focus on skills over certification? Learning pathways need to be flexible, adjustable and personalized to support a multitude of career paths for students entering the workforce.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    • How higher education institutions can support the need for flexible pathways
    • How collaboration with workplaces can help inform learning pathways
    • How students can communicate and demonstrate their skills to future employers through digital credentials

    Webinar Slides:

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