Unlocking the Potential: How Digital Credentials Empower Employees and Learners

    calendar-plus-01 October 12, 2023
    user-circle Credly Team

    About the webinar

    In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and evolving skill requirements, digital credentials have never been more powerful. With over 650,000 digital credentials shared each month on the Credly by Pearson network alone, their impact on individuals' skill development, career growth, and overall job performance are being felt globally. 

    In this webinar we sat down with Dan Braithwaite, Director of Product Training at Mediaocean, to understand more about how digital credentials are bringing value to their customers, and the impact it's had on their business.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    • How these digital badges and credentials provide tangible benefits to those who earn them.
    • How digital credentials can directly influence workplace productivity by fostering continuous learning and skill mastery.
    • How training programs and pathways enriched with digital credentials can build stronger connections between employees and employers, aligning organizational goals with individual aspirations. 

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