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3 Tips to Improve Employee Engagement


Employee engagement goes far beyond ping pong tables and beer on tap in the office. Those perks are about as outdated as using a Blackberry to fire off a quick work email. What employees want is to feel engaged in their work, and that they’re contributing to the organization in a meaningful way. 

Here are three tips to improve employee engagement in your organization. 

    1. Make professional development a priority. If your employees are constantly learning something new, and are enthusiastic about that learning, it will revitalize their commitment and gusto for not only their particular job but the organization itself. Investing in employee learning and skills means that no one has the chance to become stagnant in their role, and in a world of rapidly changing technology, that’s a win-win for everyone. 
    2. Offer your workforce the chance to earn digital credentials. If your employees have learned something, they should be the ones who own that learning. Skills can be acquired both on the job and outside of work, and either way that’s beneficial to your organization. If an employee takes the initiative to learn something and has a digital credential to prove that learning, you’ll have a library of skills to reference in your own organization. Hiring managers and HR will have insights into which employees possess certain skills, but digital credentials empower employees to advocate for themselves. They level the playing field between minority and gender hires, and surface competency internally that may have needed to be previously outsourced. 
    3. Provide open, honest, and continual feedback (that goes both ways between employees and managers). No employee should be blindsided by a layoff or termination in a healthy work environment. Creating a culture of honesty and openness between managers and employees is great for engagement and, ultimately, retention. Providing honest feedback about areas of improvement needed to be successful in a role, or what skills the organization needs to thrive, is a great way to motivate existing employees to give their all at work. This feedback loop should be done on a rolling, constant basis, not just during an annual review. When employees are trusted to do their jobs well, they’re more likely to excel in their roles. 

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