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3 Tips To Improve Corporate Training


Corporate training, when done well, can have a significant, positive impact on an organization. Employee retention, engagement, and even recruitment can be impacted by a training and development program done right. As the world heads into a new decade and the United States celebrates a booming economy, the need to evolve corporate training programs is paramount. There simply aren’t enough employees to fill all of the open jobs available, so reskilling and engaging current employees is good for the bottom line. 

Here are three tips your organization can use to improve corporate training. 

  • Create engaging learning pathways. A learning pathway is a series of courses a learner can progress through that will ultimately allow them to master a certain topic or subject. Why does this matter in terms of corporate training? Learning pathways can either be self-guided or structured, so there’s a solution for every organization. Also, driving employees to an end goal is a great motivator for learning.
  • Ask your employees what they want to learn. This may seem obvious, but what matters most to one employee may not even be on the radar of another. Desired skills attained can range from emotional intelligence to formal MBAs. Regardless of what your employees are requesting, take time to hear what matters most to their engagement and then find a solution that fits most needs. 
  • Use digital credentials to identify skills (and skills gaps). Learning pathways are perfectly primed for digital credentials. Once an employee has learned something, allowing them to own proof of that learning is not only great for their own professional development, it’s great for your organization to quickly identify human resources available to get a job done.