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Arcitura Releases Case Study on Credly's Use of Blockchain

Arcitura, a leading global provider of progressive, vendor-neutral training and certification programs, has documented how Credly's Acclaim platform uses blockchain architecture in a new, mini case study called Credly Advances Immutable Accreditation with Blockchain. The case study outlines how Credly enhances the security of certification data with blockchain technology.
Since 2018, Arcitura has offered digital credentials through Credly, allowing IT professionals to show what they know, and employers to discover candidates with in-demand expertise in cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchain, and numerous other IT skills.
Credly contributors to the mini case study include Vice President of Technology, Alex Hripak, and Chief Experience Officer, Jarin Schmidt, who commented in the case study, “What we’re doing with blockchain right now is really just adding another layer of verification or trust under the digital credentials.”
Download the full case study from Arcitura.