Are You Ready To Issue Digital Credentials? You're Not on Your Own After Launching Your Program!

    Congratulations! You're sold on the benefits and value of issuing digital credentials. We're excited to partner with you to bring your learners the benefit of verified achievements. You'll get the benefit of brand reinforcement, increased demand for your training, and most importantly, validation that what your organization is offering is in demand. 

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    So what happens after you sign on the dotted line? You're not alone! Hear from our VP of Customer Success, Krystal Lamoureux, on what the process looks like when you're ready to issue credentials on Credly's Acclaim Platform (hint: we set you up for success!). 

    A Credly Customer Success Manager is really going to partner with the organization to understand what their goals and business objectives are. We know that no one is buying a digital badging program just for the sake of issuing badges. We know that you're doing it because you're trying to solve a business problem. You're trying to increase volumes or affect and impact your brand awareness overall. So we're going to work with you to understand what your goals are, what are you trying to accomplish and we're going to work closely, partner with you to ensure that we're doing that every step of the way.

    We're going to provide all of the training and best practices that you need to to design and develop a successful program, ensuring that you are doing it in a way that works for your organization and for your audience. So we are going to provide marketing best practices. We're going provide better data best practices and, again, just ensure that you have everything that you need to be successful. And then we're going to work with you after the launch and really validate that everything that we're doing is working, and then work with you to pivot and course correct where needed.

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