EdSurge: "Charting the PD Waters With Badges"

    "How one educator built her own badging system, transforming PD at her school and beyond"

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    EdSurge features an article by educator Laura Fleming entitled "Charting the PD Waters With Badges" in which the author details her efforts to create and then share a badge system for professional learning using Credly and BadgeOS.

    Read article: https://www.edsurge.com/n/2014-04-09-charting-the-pd-waters-with-badges


    Article Excerpts:

    “Although I love the freedom, flexibility and personalization of informal learning with my PLN on social media, I always felt that there should be a system for acknowledging that learning.”


    “DIY Badging System”

    “I had a vision, but I also had a steep learning curve to undergo in order to make it happen. I started with a company called Credly and a WordPress plugin of theirs called BadgeOS. Credly, is a free web service for issuing, earning and sharing badges. Their free plugin BadgeOS instantly transforms a WordPress website into a platform for recognizing achievement. I knew I had found the solution and although I had only basic familiarity with WordPress, I refused to let that stop me.”

    Read article: https://www.edsurge.com/n/2014-04-09-charting-the-pd-waters-with-badges

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