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Give Credit Where It's Due

Remember when you were little and coaches of team sports had to make sure that everyone got a turn? Even if you were terrible at sports, having the opportunity to be cheered on and recognized as a player probably gave your self-esteem a huge boost. 

Adults never grow out of the need for validation and recognition, especially at work. When employees are recognized for their accomplishments, contributions, and learning, they’re more motivated to go above and beyond for their employer, leading to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover, and increased profitability. If your organization has already put the time and attention into creating a learning and development program to train and upskill its workforce, then the recognition of that achievement should go beyond just a checked box. It’s anti-climatic and sends the signal that the learning was just one more task to check off. 

By not issuing digital credentials, your organization is missing out on a marketing opportunity for your learners to share their achievements with their networks on social media, through email signatures, and personal websites. Humans are built to brag. It’s human nature to want to be validated. If your organization is going so far as to create a learning environment, don’t let the finished work be an afterthought. 

Digital credentials are the most secure way to ensure that your workforce has the skills needed to get their current jobs done, as well as giving insight into what skills may be needed for future projects. Tens of millions of badge earners have used digital badges to get jobs, get promoted, or simply learn a new skill. Those millions of people have tangible proof of their learning that they can share with whomever they want. They were recognized and validated for a job well done. The praise and recognition that comes along with earning a digital badge have enormous positive psychological benefits, which the world certainly needs more of right now. When employees feel seen and valued, they are significantly more motivated to excel in their work. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how digital credentials can make a positive impact on your organization, fill out the form below and we’ll show you how they work.