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Here’s How Credly Helps to Verify Your Credentials On-the-Job


Many jobs require on-site verification of credentials for work to get done. From healthcare professionals to construction workers, many industries require real-time proof of skills and qualifications. They’ve long relied on paper wallet cards to do this, but producing physical cards is time-consuming and expensive--and they can be easily forgotten or lost. (Not to mention easily manipulated if it’s expired. Digital credentials combat fraud with their rich metadata and ability to revoke expired badges.)   Credly is making it easier for individuals to always have their credentials readily available on their mobile phone with the release of our share to mobile wallet feature. 

A digital badge verifies necessary certifications or skills in real-time. And, adding a badge to a mobile wallet makes it easy to access and share credentials wherever an earner needs to show them. The share to mobile wallet feature works with Apple and Android mobile wallets, and once an individual earns a digital badge, they can add it to their digital wallet of their choice. 

With this sharing capability, contractors can rest assured that their construction crews can quickly show necessary credentials to inspectors on job sites--keeping the construction site up and running. And, medical tech and healthcare workers can rely on their mobile device to show certifications at healthcare facilities instead of needing one more piece of paper to carry with them. Professional associations that rely on paper cards to verify membership can also benefit from this new feature. 

The ability to share digital badges to a mobile wallet also eliminates the need for issuers to invest staff time and budget into printing and shipping physical wallet cards. That saves time, resources, and money

To learn more about transforming your credentialing program with digital badges, please contact us.