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It's OK to Still be Innovative


Now is a great time to bring new solutions, technologies, processes, and ideas to your boss or organization. Why? Because the world isn’t the same place that it was two weeks or even a month ago. New environments and new circumstances require new thinking, and now’s the time to go out on a limb. 

No one knows where the working world is going to end up in the near future, but innovative, forward-thinking organizations do know that now’s the time to take chances, invest in new technologies that make business processes easier and more efficient, and that now is absolutely the best time to invest in employees who care about the work their organization is doing. 

Here are three ways your organization can still be innovative during uncertain times. 

    1. Invest in your employees. Learning and development, training, and validation of skills are arguably the most important thing your organization can prioritize right now. Hiring is expensive, and employees who have peace-of-mind about their job security are more likely to be productive while they’re at work. 
    2. Rely on technology to make data-driven decisions. Digital credentials provide your organization insight into what skills employees possess, and having the right person in the right role is paramount to organizational success. Validating skills through digital credentials lets your employees know that their employer is invested in their learning, and it allows hiring managers and HR to know which employees are dedicated to learning new skills. 
    3. Think outside the box. As fear continues to dominate the news cycle, being forward-thinking about how your organization can be helpful during this uncertain time will undoubtedly be great for business. Take time to slow down, rethink marketing campaigns, equip your customer success team with the tools and training they need to make your existing customers feel validated and heard, and give accounting the freedom to forecast without fear. 

The working world will figure out a new normal soon enough. Our version of normal may be different than it was before everyone had to freeze in place, and we’ll all find new ways to work. There was a time that walking to the gate at the airport was normal, and now it’s not. And that’s fine. Don’t make business decisions based on fear. Innovate to stay relevant and you’ll come out on top.