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Measuring the Impact of Your Product Certification Program

As a product certification provider, your goal is to help learners gain the skills and knowledge they need to use your product effectively. But in a crowded market, how can you demonstrate the value of your program to potential learners and employers? The key is to measure the impact of your product certification and communicate it effectively. 

One way to demonstrate the value of your certification is through digital credentials. A digital credential is a verified, shareable representation of the skills and knowledge a learner has gained through your program. It provides learners with a tangible way to showcase their achievement and communicate their skills to potential employers. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been using digital credentials to support their education programs to prepare the next generate of cloud-skilled talent. In a recent study, AWS reported that after implementing a digital credentialing program for its certification program, they saw  

  • 12% increase in certification exam completion rates  

  • 40% increase in certification exam retake rates.  

These results show that learners who receive a digital credential are more motivated to complete their certification program and more likely to use the skills they learned on the job. 

A digital credential can also include a digital badge, which is a visual representation of the achievement that learners can easily share on their online profiles and resumes. This allows learners to stand out in the job market and show employers their dedication to developing their skills. 

But the benefits of digital credentials don't end there. By measuring the impact of your product certification program and communicating it through digital credentials, you can also demonstrate the value of your program to potential employers. For example, AWS also received positive feedback from hiring managers who were able to see the skills and knowledge of potential hires more clearly. 

So, how can you measure the impact of your product certification program? Here are a few tips: 

  1. Survey your learners: Ask learners about the impact your certification has had on their career and job performance. This feedback can help you identify areas where your program is excelling and areas where it needs improvement. 

  1. Track career outcomes: Keep track of the career outcomes of learners who have completed your certification program. This can include promotions, salary increases, or new job opportunities.  

  1. Monitor employer satisfaction: Ask employers about the value they see in hiring individuals with your certification. This feedback can help you understand the impact your program is having on the job market. 

By measuring the impact of your product certification program you can demonstrate the value of your program to both learners and employers. This can help you attract more learners, build a stronger reputation in the market, and provide a tangible return on investment for your program. Acclaim allows product certification providers to access enhanced analytics where you can monitor acceptance rate, views, share and more of digital badges, to ensure you’re continually reaching new learners. 

Today's talent expects product certifications to provide more than just training. They are looking for a visible and clear communication of their skills and abilities. By adding micro-credentialing to your product certification program, you can add value for your learners, their employers, and future recruiters. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how you can measure the impact of your product certification program and communicate its value through digital credentials. 

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