Tips to Create a More Efficient Hiring Process

    Navigating post-pandemic hiring challenges: Streamline processes, shift to skills-based hiring, leverage digital credentials for verification, and explore internal talent pools.
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    In the ever-changing post-pandemic landscape, hiring dynamics have become akin to a roller coaster. Global closures and hiring freezes have been common. As the economy steadily improves, numerous organizations expect a rise in hiring. However, the process extends beyond recalling furloughed staff. Employees, amid remote work and layoffs, reassess their career paths. Some may have taken interim roles, altering their availability and preferences. In the rush to resume operations, efficient and targeted hiring is essential for swiftly assembling a competent team. Adapt to the uncertainties of the new normal by streamlining your hiring processes.

    Here are some tips for efficient hiring that you can set in motion now.

    1) Look at the existing roles within your organization

    Before your organization needs to begin hiring again, it's a good time to examine every role in your company, how they fit together, and the competencies needed to succeed. Keep an eye out for redundancies or where you'll need to bolster staff to maximize efficiency.

    2) Focus on skills

    If you haven't done so already, consider shifting your organization's focus to skills-based hiring. Rather than focusing on education, degrees, or experience, skills-based hiring focuses on the actual skills necessary for success in each role. When a hiring manager is armed with the knowledge of the skills needed to take your company into the future, it's easier to identify the people who can get you there.

    3) Look for the digital credentials that can verify those skills

     It's one thing for people to have skills listed on a resume. It's another for them to have earned the digital credentials to verify those skills. In this economy, you don't have time to find out that the candidate who looks great on paper doesn't have the skills to back up those claims. You need people who can hit the ground running. Hiring is time-consuming and expensive. Getting the right candidate in the right role sets everyone up for success. 

    With the demand for soft skills increasing, digital credentials are also key to verifying them, discover more in our blog

    4) Pare down and streamline your hiring process

    The flood of resumes for each opening can seem overwhelming for hiring managers. One powerful way to wade through all of that is to use technology to filter out candidates who don't have digital credentials for the skills that are must-haves for each position. You can also filter the process further on your end by reducing the number of people and steps involved in hiring for each position. If a candidate has verifiable skills, you may not need the rigorous interview process designed to ferret out what you already know.

    5) Look at the talent pool within your own organization

    Has your workforce been earning digital credentials to verify their skills, improve their on-the-job performance, and move up the ladder? If so, look to your own employees first before casting your net outside your company. By looking within, you'll be certain your candidates are vetted and verified before the hiring process even begins. This will ultimately save your organization time, money, and human resources.

    If you're interested in learning more about how digital credentials can enhance your hiring, or about offering it to your employees for their upskilling, learning, and career pathing, schedule a chat with our team. 

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