5 Common Myths around Digital Credentials in Higher Education Busted

    Digital credentials offer a valuable solution for higher education institutions facing a difficult climate, enabling them to reestablish connections with their students. It's essential to understand the facts about digital credentials and discover the various advantages they can provide for both your students and institutions.

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    Contrary to misconceptions, digital credentials are a powerful tool for higher education institutions facing challenges in today's competitive landscape, including low student engagement, low retention rates, and recruitment difficulties.

    Discover the long-term benefits digital credentials can bring to your institution and students in our comprehensive Beginner’s Guide:

    In this guide, you will learn:

    • What makes a digital credential
    • How they can be applied
    • How digital credentials can benefit your institution and students
    • How to launch a successful credentialing program
    • An overview of the Acclaim platform
    • Real-life success stories using Acclaim

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