How Digital Credentials Can Prevent Fraudulent Certification and Qualifications

    This whitepaper highlights the negative impact of fraudulent certification and qualifications on organizations, credential earners and employers, and presents digital credentials as a secure, verifiable alternative.
    calendar-plus-01 April 26, 2023
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    How Digital Credentials Can Prevent Fraudulent Certification and Qualifications Whitepaper Cover Image

    Fraudulent credentials have escalated into a global problem and a billion-dollar industry. A primary reason is the intense competition in the job market, which drives individuals to enhance their qualifications or obtain specific certifications to distinguish themselves from other candidates.

    Fraudulent credentials provide an undue advantage for those lacking genuine qualifications or desiring to stand out in the market without investing money and time. They can also have severe impact on brand reputation and revenue of many organizations that issue legitimate certifications and qualification.

    But what can be done to reduce certification fraud?

    This whitepaper explores:

    • The negative impact of fraudulent certification and qualifications on issuing organizations, credential earners and employers
    • How digital credentials can act as a secure, verifiable alternative
    • What organizations can do to help reduce credential fraud and preserve the integrity of certification programs through the ‘Credential Fraud Prevention Checklist’.

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