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    How Employers Use Digital Credentials to Make Workforce Decisions

    As jobs sit unfilled and skills gaps widen, leading employers are focused on gathering workplace and employee insights and driving engagement in internal L&D programs. See their top tactics in action.
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    A Roadmap to Employer- and Industry-Driven Digital Badges Guide

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    Why You Should Embrace Digital Credentials for Your Students' Employability

    $673.31 million is predicted for the global market for digital badges by 2030. Digital badges...
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    Guide to a Successful Digital Credentialing Program

    Our comprehensive beginner’s guide to digital credentials for the workforce explains how...
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    A Field Guide to Partnering with Employers to Create Workforce-Relevant Credentials

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    5 Ways Digital Credentials Boost Employee Engagement

    In this infographic you'll learn:
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    5 Ways Digital Credentials can Increase Employability in the Face of AI

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