How Digital Credentials Inspire Employees to Invest in Their Future

    The checklist is tailored to steer your upskilling and reskilling strategies, integrating the utilization of digital credentials to guide your employees towards ongoing learning and development.
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    The skills companies and employees need to stay competitive are constantly evolving. The World Economic Forum predicts digital transformation and artificial intelligence will change nearly a quarter of global jobs by 2030. Additionally, insights from the Pearson Skills Outlook: The Gen AI report indicate significant shifts, particularly in white-collar roles, where as much as 46% of positions could potentially be replicated by generative AI.

    Upskilling and reskilling employees is now a necessity, and when done right, it can: 

    Digital Credentials: Recognition Reimagined

    Organizations can leverage digital badges to celebrate employees' learning accomplishments, offering the following advantages:

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    Skills Validation

    Digital credentials verify skills and knowledge in a trusted, shareable way.
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    Public Recognition

    Publicly acknowledging employee achievement demonstrates a company's commitment to its workers.
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    Confidence Boost

    Digital credentials boost employees' confidence by confirming their skills and potential in their jobs.
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    Career Satisfaction

    Digital credentials provide a record of professional growth and can be combined to show a broad skill set related to individual career goals.
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    Portability & Visibility

    Unlike paper certificates, digital credentials are easily shared on online platforms and across professional networks.
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    Personalized Learning Paths

    Employees can use digital badges as a roadmap for their professional development, identifying areas for improvement and setting personalized learning goals.

    Elevate Team Spirits with Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart, sustainable buildings, implemented a credentialing program to enhance service quality and customer confidence.  By harnessing the power of digital badges as symbols of achievement and proficiency, employees were inspired to engage in training initiatives, resulting in a 95% adoption rate of digital credentials.

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    Empowering Employees with Digital Badges 

    With an understanding of the significance of celebrating and validating employees' skills, consider the following questions to ensure you are maximizing efforts to empower your employees for success.

    Phase 1: Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

    Have we clearly communicated to employees the value of continuous learning and professional development in today’s fast-changing business environment?
    Are we using data analysis or skills mapping to identify upskilling and reskilling needs?
    Have we conducted skills assessments and skill gap analysis to determine employees’ competencies and training needs?
    Are we encouraging employees to set L&D goals that are aligned with organizational strategy?
    Are we helping employees understand how credentials can contribute to their career goals?
    Are we demonstrating how digital credentials enhance employee career prospects and success?

    Phase 2: Identifying and Issuing Meaningful Credentials

    Have we identified and communicated the digital credentials that are most relevant and beneficial to employees in their respective roles and career paths?
    Are we providing resources to help employees navigate available digital credentials?
    Have we included the right metadata with digital credentials to provide additional information about employee achievements?
    Do the metadata and skills tags accurately reflect employee skills, competencies and achievements?

    Phase 3: Communicating Benefits

    Are we articulating the benefits employees can expect from digital credentials, such as job opportunities, compensation increases and skill enhancement?
    Are we showing how digital credentials validate expertise and contribute to professional credibility?
    Are we leveraging success stories to motivate employees to pursue their own learning and credentialing journeys?

    Phase 4: Measuring Impact and ROI

    Are we tracking key metrics to assess the impact and effectiveness of digital credential initiatives?
    Are we evaluating the return on investment (ROI) by comparing the costs of L&D to the benefits in business performance?
    Are we seeking employee feedback on digital credential programs?
    Are we using employee input to better communicate the value of learning?

    Phase 5: Providing Resources and Support

    Are we providing employees resources, tools and support networks to facilitate their pursuit of digital credentials?
    Are we offering guidance to help employees navigate credentialing and select relevant learning opportunities?

    Phase 6: Staying Updated

    Are we staying informed about industry trends and advancements in digital credentialing?
    Are we setting expiration dates for credentials to ensure that employees update their skills and knowledge?
    Have we established a process for employees to renew or refresh their credentials before expiration?

    Addressing these questions can move your organization beyond basic recognition and create an environment where employees invest in continuous learning.

    Delve deeper into how digital credentials powered by Credly can inspire employees to new heights of professional development.

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