Six Ways to Attract Gen Z and Millennials to Your Membership Association Using Digital Credentials

    Digital credentials can assist membership associations in attracting millennials and Gen Z members by catering to their unique values, preferences, and priorities.

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    calendar-plus-01 April 21, 2023
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    Gen Z and Millennials discussing digital badges obtained

    Digital credentials not only appeal to Gen Z and millennials, but they can also generate demand for memberships and training courses while promoting member and learner engagement to drive growth.

    Learn more in our whitepaper, "Growth Strategies for Professional Associations: Maximizing Revenue with Digital Credentials." It discusses the key growth strategies using digital credentials, including:

    1. Providing digital credentials for current training courses, events, webinars, and certifications that cater to various upskilling and reskilling needs in the market.
    2. Establishing a community where members can network and learn from one another.
    3. Assisting members in developing an online profile to distinguish themselves from others.

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