Infographic: How Skills Mapping Works

    Propel your workforce with skill mapping. This infographic explains how skill mapping can benefit employee development and organizational growth and provides practical tips for implementation. Discover how to propel your organization toward success with our essential workforce management tool.
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    Visualize the skills your workforce has now at the individual, team, department, and organization levels. Understand the talent you have, including verified skill credentials.

    Map Out

    Map out career corridors for individual employees. Use data to develop high-impact L&D initiatives. A skills ontology brings together 8,000+ skills in a framework tied to job roles and job tasks.


    Your talent strategy drives business execution and informs future business strategy. As your industry evolves, see what new skills are in demand and navigate from your current workforce to your future workforce.

    Looking to learn more about Skills Mapping? Read the full blog post here.


    Are you tired of handling this task manually? Let our workforce platform handle it for you.

    In such cases, it is advisable to utilize skills management software, like our new workforce platform. This software will not only automate most of the planning process, but also provide valuable insights while reducing the resources needed to create skills maps.



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