ASAE Announces New Digital Credential Program With Credly

    March 12, 2024
    2 min read
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    The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) announced today that they will begin issuing digital credentials through Credly. ASAE is a membership organization of more than 44,000 association executives and industry partners who lead, manage, and work in or partner with organizations in more than a dozen association management disciplines, from executive management to finance to technology. 
    ASAE will issue a digital credential to those professionals who earn the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential. The CAE credential is awarded to association professionals who have demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to manage an association.
    "With the new digital recognition CAE holders will have the ability to share this achievement in a way that is simple, trusted, and easily verifiable,” said interim ASAE President and CEO Susan Robertson, CAE . "It provides employers and peers concrete evidence of the skills and knowledge that our CAEs bring to the association industry.”
    Jonathan Finkelstein, Credly's CEO, commented in the press release, "The use of digital credentials by ASAE elevates the impact of professional standards on society and raises the visibility and appreciation of those who have demonstrated the knowledge and skills essential to modern association management.”
    Credly has helped numerous associations create and manage successful digital credentialing programs. Learn more about how digital credentials can benefit your association.

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