Project Management Training and Consulting Provider Launches Digital Credential Program, Giving Learners New Ways to Demonstrate In Demand Skills
    March 12, 2024
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    Cape Project Management, a leading provider of Agile training, consulting and certification, issues digital credentials through Credly to allow credential holders to easily share and verify their skills

    NEW YORK, NY (June 12, 2019) -- Credly, the world’s largest digital credential platform, today announced Cape Project Management’s (CAPe) new digital credential program. CAPe is a premier provider of Agile project management training and consulting. The program launch enables CAPe credential holders to more effectively communicate their abilities to employers and to connect in-demand skills with job opportunities through Credly’s labor market insights. 

    “Organizations and learners expect a seamless online training experience that leverages the best available technology to enable efficient, affordable skill development and sharing,” said Dan Tousignant, CEO of Cape Project Management. “With digital credentials from Credly, our learners and partner organizations will be able to share and verify skills digitally, providing a natural extension of our digital training programs.”

    Individuals who earn a CAPe certificate will now receive a digital credential hosted on Credly’s platform, which allows individuals to share their workforce skills online through professional and social networks. Credential holders can use this verified record of their specific skills and knowledge to differentiate themselves from other professionals in their fields. Employers can, in turn, identify holders of in-demand credentials who have verified skills and expertise.

    CAPe’s “Certified Agile Professional – Scrum Master (CAPe™-SM)” is the first of the organization’s certifications offered as a digital credential, which recognizes that the holder has “a comprehensive understanding of the role of the Scrum Master.” Additional digital credentials will recognize project manager, product owner, and developer skills.

    “Agile project management practices have steadily gained momentum over the past several years, increasing the demand for those who understand Agile methods,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “In issuing their certifications as digital credentials through Credly, Cape Project Management provides human capital decision makers with greater visibility into the skills of Agile project management professionals and helps those individuals better connect with opportunities where they can put those skills to work.”

    See additional information about CAPe’s digital credential program.

    About Credly
    Credly is helping the world speak a common language about people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Thousands of employers, training organizations, associations, certification programs and workforce development initiatives use Credly to help individuals translate their learning experiences into professional opportunities using trusted, portable, digital credentials. Credly empowers organizations to attract, engage, develop, and retain talent with enterprise-class tools that generate data-driven insights to address skills gaps and highlight opportunities through an unmatched global network of credential issuers. Unleash the workforce.

    About Cape Project Management

    Cape Project Management, Inc. (CAPe) is a leading provider of Agile training, consulting and certification. Since 2010 we have been providing scalable client-focused solutions that improve the effectiveness and speed at which Agile is adopted in organizations.

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