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    What Great Managers Do To Engage Employees

    Issue digital badges, gain insights about your workforce, and supercharge profiles in your applications on the world’s largest digital credential network.
    calendar-plus-01 August 18, 2022
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    Don’t Have a Credly Profile Yet? Here’s Why You Should

    Credly’s mission is to help people connect their verified abilities to opportunities, and...

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    3 Ways to Supercharge Membership Marketing for Your Association

    In the age of digital transformation and information overload, it’s no surprise that...

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    Building a Recognition Culture with Digital Credentials

    It’s clear that retaining existing employees has become a critical component in an...

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    What is AI Transparency & Why is it Critical to Your Recruiting Strategy?

    This need for trust and transparency extends to recruiting and hiring practices....

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    5 Things Higher Ed Institutions Can Do to Launch a Successful Digital Badging Program

    In order to compete, institutions of higher learning have been partnering with private...

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    Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process with a Skills-Based Talent Acquisition Solution

    Perception of Equity vs Bias in the Hiring Process  One of the biggest problems, argues...

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    Market & Grow Your Product Certification Program with Digital Credentials

    Certification breeds loyalty, creates community, and gives users a reason to continue...

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    How Well Do You Know Your AI? Candidate Screening and the Data Science of Interpretability

    But for many job seekers, the rapid adoption of an ever-growing stack of AI-powered tools...

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