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Can Digital Credentials Save Your Company Money?


Digital credentials help transform knowledge, skills, and abilities into actionable growth. They can also be a competitive edge, driving real savings to the bottom line for your organization. Here are three ways digital credentials save businesses money:

  • Free brand marketing. Digital credentials are highly-visual and optimized for sharing on social media and professional networks. This builds awareness, value, and demand for an organization’s credential and has a real impact. According to the case study Shifting the Up-skilling Paradigm: Digital badges help IBM create a diverse, inclusive workforce, IBM’s digital badge program has garnered more than 200 million estimated social media impressions through early 2018, which is equal to $39,000 per month in marketing value.
  • Reduce turnover, save recruiting costs. Giving employees an opportunity to work on new projects or initiatives can boost their job satisfaction, helping reduce turnover. And that makes a big difference to the bottom line. Want to know how? Watch this: 



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