How to Validate Learning When Teaching Online

    The blog explores the shift to online learning, highlighting a steadfast commitment to education. It recommends strategies like digital credentials, social media communities, and digital notes to enhance the virtual learning experience.

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    While training conferences and traditional schooling faced cancellations during the challenges of the pandemic, the commitment to continuous learning has persevered. As the world adapts to the ongoing changes, the shift from in-person to online learning has become a new norm. Even now, with the ability to gather in person, the convenience and accessibility of online programming continue to play a crucial role in education.

    As we continue to embrace the benefits of online education, educators and students can explore various strategies to enhance the virtual learning experience. The challenges of the past have paved the way for innovative approaches, creating opportunities for interactive and collaborative learning in the digital realm. 

    Here are three tips to validate learning and the acquisition of new skills when teaching online. 

    Issue your learner’s digital credentials

    Offering digital credentials as a way for students and learners to own proof of their learning is critical in a time when traditional classrooms are out of commission for the time being. Online learning has a lot of catching up to do to get to the same level of impact as in-person learning, but digital credentials equip students with a pathway to learning new skills, as well as the confidence they need to successfully complete an online course

    Create a social media community

    A social media community allow students to connect with staff and peers. Social media use is part of our day-to-day lives, so weaving it into teaching and learning is a natural progression. Creating a social media community for learners to get help from peers or instructors, as well as fostering a conversation that’s relevant to your coursework, helps define a sense of community when face-to-face interaction isn’t possible. Questions posed in an online community will also allow instructors and training providers to get a sense of where students are struggling with the content, as well as what content is sparking the most interest and conversation. 

    Review digital notes

    Pen and paper are great, but when instruction is conducted virtually, it’s tough to know what pieces of content are resonating with your students without being in the same room as they are. Talking about notes after the class is completed gives students a sense of the course material and provides instructors with a way to reiterate their content once the course is complete. Tools like Google Documents and Slack allow for real-time collaboration. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can use digital credentials when making the shift from in-person to online teaching, schedule a chat with our team now!

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