4 Things Training Providers Should Consider When Launching a Digital Credentialing Program

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    Discussing launching a successful digital credentialing program

    Digital credentialing is becoming increasingly popular for training providers to recognize and validate learners' skills and competencies. By offering digital badges to learners, training providers can differentiate their training programs, increase learner engagement, and provide a more efficient way to recognize, share, and verify the skills of their learners. If you are a training provider considering launching a digital credentialing program, here are five things to consider before you get started: 

    1. Outline Short Term Gains and Long-Term Goals 

    When launching a digital credentialing program, it's important to consider both short-term gains and long-term goals. Short-term gains may include increased learner engagement, improved brand recognition, and more effective marketing. Long-term goals may include increased revenue, higher learner retention, and greater recognition in the industry. Training providers should define their short-term gains and long-term goals to ensure that their digital credentialing platform provides the right features to measure and track activity against these goals. [Learn about what a successful digital credentialing program with clear goals means in our blogpost] 

    2. Ensure Badging is Tied to a Business Objective 

    Digital credentialing is only effective when it is tied to a business objective. Training providers should define the business objective they want to achieve through their digital credentialing program, such as increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, or increasing learner retention. By tying badging to a specific business objective, training providers can measure the effectiveness of their program and determine its impact on the organization. This can also support with achieving buy-in from your internal decision makers. 

    3. Build Proficiency into Your Program with Recommendations for Future Learning 

    Digital badges provide a comprehensive way to recognize and share learners' skills and competencies. However, to be truly effective in retaining customers and solidifying relationships, they should also provide learners with recommendations for future learning. This will enable learners to build on their competencies and provide a more holistic approach to training. Recommendations for future learning can also help training providers to retain learners and increase their engagement with their training programs. 

    4. Prioritise Communications and Outreach 

    When launching a digital credentialing program, it's important to prioritize communications and outreach. This includes communicating the benefits of digital badges to learners, employers, and other stakeholders. Training providers should ensure that learners understand the value of digital badges and that they are motivated to earn them. Effective outreach increases the training program's visibility and attracts new learners. Lean on the Customer Success Team for support .

    Setting up a digital credentialing program can be easy with the right platform and support. Credly Acclaim is a comprehensive platform for issuing and managing digital badges, as well as analytics and reporting tools to measure the effectiveness of the program. Acclaim can also provide one-to-one support and guidance to training providers to ensure that their digital credentialing program is aligned with their business objectives and achieves their goals. 

    Ready to Kickstart Your Digital Credentialing Journey?

    Launching a digital credentialing program is an exciting adventure, but it's also a journey that requires thoughtful planning and careful strategy. Why not take a moment to assess your plan with our Credential Mastery Assessment?

    By giving this assessment a try, you'll not only identify areas where your planning can be further fine-tuned, but you'll also gain practical insights to ensure that your digital credentialing efforts are on the right path. Ready to unlock the potential of digital credentials?

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