The Importance of Offering Secure Digital Credentials to Your Learners 

    By offering secure digital credentials, organizations can increase trust, improve information transparency, and create networking opportunities for their credential holders, ultimately driving revenue growth.
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    A group of credential holders discussing the importance of secure credentials to their career

    In today's constantly evolving job market, secure digital credentials have become necessary for professionals to remain competitive. A recent survey discovered that 90% of professionals agree or strongly agree that earning an entry-level professional certificate can help them stand out to employers and secure jobs upon graduation.

    However, the proliferation of counterfeit credentials has become a global issue and a billion-dollar industry. These fake credentials deprive honest candidates of further education or employment opportunities. In today's world, where both individuals and organizations value digital credentials, credential issuers must invest in secure digital credentials to safeguard the value they offer to learners and students to stay competitive.

    This blog will examine why credential issuers, like higher education institutions, certification and training providers, and associations should adopt a secure digital credentialing program, and the benefits it can bring to their credential holders.

    The Consequences of Credential Fraud for Legitimate Credential Holders

    Certification and qualification fraud refers to dishonestly acquiring, presenting, or using qualifications or certifications that are unearned, altered, or counterfeit. These types of fraud can have long-term repercussions for legitimate credential holders.

    Credential fraud can dilute the value of legitimate credentials by making it challenging for employers, educational institutions, and other organizations to differentiate between real and fake credentials. This can result in a decline in the perceived value of legitimate credentials, leading to fewer opportunities for credential holders.

    If fraudulent credential holders are hired for positions they are unqualified for, it can have adverse effects on employers and customers, breeding distrust and making them more hesitant to rely on any credentials. This further complicates the process of legitimate credential holders trying to distinguish themselves.

    In the long run, fraudulent credentials could undermine the credibility of the entire credentialing system, making it harder for legitimate credential holders to prove their qualifications and compete in the job market. Employers may become more doubtful of job candidates' credentials, leading to a longer and more difficult job search process for legitimate credential holders.

    Benefits of investing in digital credentials for your earners

    Digital credentials provide verified proof of a learner's competence and skills. They are a smarter, data-rich alternative to traditional paper-based certificates, providing earners with a shareable portfolio of verifiable accomplishments that can continue to grow throughout their careers. Here's how secure digital credentials are important to badge earners:

    1. Increased Trust: With traditional paper-based certificates, it's easy for someone to alter or forge them, making it difficult for employers to trust their authenticity. However, secure digital credentials are tamper-proof thanks to cryptographic technologies and metadata. This increases the trustworthiness of the credentials, making them more valuable to employers and other stakeholders.

    2. Improved Information: Digital credentials come with comprehensive metadata that provides detailed information on the skills and competencies of the badge earner, such as the issuing authority, date and time of earning the credential, and the skills needed to obtain it. This wealth of information enhances the transparency and accuracy of the credentials, allowing employers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions effectively.

    3. Develop Genuine Networking Opportunities: By earning digital credentials on a reputable platform like Acclaim, badge earners can showcase their achievements on social media and attract attention from their network. This creates opportunities to connect with like-minded and genuine professionals, leading to potential job opportunities, mentoring, and career advice.

    4. Enhanced Portability and Accessibility: Secure digital credentials provide badge earners with a portable and verifiable record of their skills and accomplishments. Unlike traditional paper-based certificates, badge earners can easily share their credentials with potential employers or educational institutions, which can help them stand out from other candidates. In addition, the portability of these digital credentials ensures that badge earners can carry them wherever they go, providing employers with immediate verification of their credentials. [A comparison between traditional certifications and digital credentials in career development for product certification learners in our blog]

    By investing in secure digital credentialing technologies, credential issuers can create a more valuable offering for badge earners. Digital credentials can also enhance brand awareness and reduce administrative costs for issuers, ultimately driving revenue growth.


    If you want to learn more about the benefits of secure digital credentials for the issuing organizations and how they can be key to an organization or institution's success, download our whitepaper ''How Digital Credentials can Prevent Fraudulent Certification and Qualifications'' today.

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