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Do Your Employees Need to Prove Their Worth Right Now?


In this tenuous business climate, uncertainty is everywhere. For employees, that uncertainty can take on different forms, depending on the situation of your particular business or industry. Furloughed employees may be wondering if and when they'll get their jobs back. Even if you've been working steadily during the crisis, your employees may be wondering how solid your business is now and will be into the future. Will there be layoffs when all is said and done?

Today, employees are more eager than ever to prove their worth. One way to quell your employees' uncertainty today and put them in a strong position for the future, and to ensure you have skilled people to take your organization to its next level, is by offering them the opportunity to upskill by earning digital credentials. It's a must-have in this economy. Here's why.

The future of work might look different than it does today. The pandemic has changed everything, inside and outside of the workplace. Working at home if possible is now the norm. Zoom and other video conferencing methods are how colleagues collaborate. Digital transformation is happening everywhere. Today's workforce needs the skills that will take your company into the future, whether it's brushing up on current technologies or learning brand new skills, enhanced learning is vital now.

Learning boosts motivation. It's long been proven that investing in the training and development of your employees helps boost employee morale, lets them know they are valued and important members of your team, and that you care enough to invest in their future. In this time, especially, giving your employees the opportunity to upskill sends a powerful message about how much you value them. That, in turn, increases their motivation.

Employee upskilling with verified credentials makes it more likely they'll stay with your company. If you give people the chance to boost their skills, learn new facets of business, and prepare themselves to move up the ladder, you're laying out a career path for them within your organization. That's a huge motivator to not job hop, to take the next steps in their career, and to help your organization grow along the way.

It helps with hiring. Employees who have verifiable credentials on their resumes will be the gold standard in hiring. Offering it to your current workforce helps your organization in two ways. It signals your commitment to them, and it makes hiring new employees easier and faster. Robert Half recently surveyed Gen Z workers, and a full 91% cited training as an important consideration when deciding to take a job. By offering upskilling with digital credentials as a benefit now, your organization can be assured it will be competitive in the hiring marketplace in the future.

Offering your employees the opportunity to upskill allows them to prove their worth, feel valued, and focus on their future with your company. It gives your organization strong, committed employees who are loyal, and it will also help with hiring when the time comes.

At Credly, we're dedicated to helping companies upskill their employees with digital credentials.