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Don’t Have a Credly Profile Yet? Here’s Why You Should

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Credly is the largest and most connected network of digital credentials, with over 58 million digital badges issued to users around the world. Each day, over 40K new badges are issued and countless connections are made as individuals unlock their full potential based on verified skills.

Credly’s mission is to help people connect their verified abilities to opportunities, and we strive to bring equity and access to every member of the current and future workforce. By becoming a part of the Credly network, you’ll be able to showcase your verified skills, connect with new opportunities, and advance your learning and career path.

Why Should You Have a Credly Profile?

You may be curious about creating your Credly profile because you’ve earned a digital credential (congrats!) and you’ve received an email with instructions on how to accept it.

Or, maybe your organization is using Workforce to take a skills-based approach to talent management. They may have invited you to connect and you’re wondering what’s in it for you.

There’s also a chance you’ve heard from a friend or colleague who landed a new job after being discovered for their skills by a recruiter on Talent Match. You’re considering creating a profile of your own to level up your career.

Having a Credly profile allows you to demonstrate credibility in your industry and highlight your achievements by showcasing your skills and credentials. You may use your Credly profile to talk with your manager about a path to promotion, grow your professional skills, earn credentials that translate to college credit, or discover new professional opportunities.

Wherever your path may lead you, remember that your Credly profile is yours to keep and carry with you.

infographic with text "3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Credly Profile"

Here are 3 reasons to create a Credly profile today and start sharing your digital credentials with the world.

1. Showcase your verified skills and credentials

Research suggests that the skills an individual has are a greater predictor of success in a future role than previous job experience.

Your Credly profile allows you to display all the skills you have and the credentials you’ve earned via digital badges in one place. For example, you may have earned some micro-credentials from a higher-ed institution. Then you might have gone on to pick up a badge for Cloud Services, one of the most in demand tech skills in recent years, while on the job. Or, maybe you completed some learning on your own during the pandemic to up your Python programming skills.

As you’ve progressed in your career, you’ve likely acquired many new skills and certifications in this way. Your Credly profile serves as a hub or digital wallet to showcase all of the verified skills from multiple places you may have earned them from. Having this public-facing profile allows you to highlight—to your colleagues, manager, or a future employer—what you’re qualified and capable of doing, not simply what you’ve done in previous roles.

And since Credly only deals in third-party, verified data points, your profile gives you an objective language to communicate your skills in a way where people don’t just have to take your word for it.

2. Continue to grow personally and professionally

Your Credly profile is more than just a badge management system. It’s also a space that can help you discover new learning opportunities and map your development to your career goals.

In addition to your earned badges and activity summary, your Credly dashboard will allow you to:

  • Explore additional learning opportunities from organizations you’ve earned a badge from before
  • See relevant badge recommendations based on your profile, skills, and earned credentials
  • Connect with your current organization to unlock learning pathways for your development
  • Add your career preferences to match with professional growth and career opportunities

If your employer is using Workforce, you can connect with them from your Credly profile, allowing them to use insights from you and others in your organization to offer you opportunities for advancement and learning and development.

Targeted upskilling and reskilling opportunities not only help you perform better today, they can help you achieve your longer-term career goals and aspirations.

3. Gain equitable exposure to hiring managers and recruiters

You bring a unique perspective and skillset to the work you perform. And there’s a good chance your current employer isn’t aware of all that you’re capable of accomplishing.

By creating your Credly profile and connecting with your organization, you increase your visibility and chances of being considered for advancement—without having to practice self-promotion or play into workplace politics.

Or, for those times when you feel you've accomplished all you can in one role, and are looking for another, having a Credly profile gets you in front of hiring managers and recruiters looking for candidates with your exact skills.

“Earning an Esri digital badge gives me more credibility in my role... Having a digital badge was also helpful during the recruiting process to verify my skills to the hiring manager.”

-Esri badge holder

Talent Match is powered by transparent AI, matching a recruiter’s open roles to candidates with the necessary verified skills to perform the job. This objective, skills-based matching helps reduce bias in the hiring process by sourcing candidates with the required skills regardless of race, gender, or other social identity factors.

As an individual, your Credly profile allows you to be surfaced for your skills while hiring considerations are being made about who to promote, or who to potentially target for a job opening.

Create Your Credly Profile and Level Up Your Career

Join the millions of professionals, recruiters, and employers on the Credly network by creating your free profile today.

By showcasing your qualifications and credentials, you’ll emphasize what you can do, over what you’ve done in the past. And, you’ll open up doors to new opportunities to take your career to the next level using your unique set of skills and talents.