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How Professional Associations Can Validate Virtual Learning

Offering your employees the opportunity to earn digital credentials is a winning strategy that provides your organization a better trained, more engaged workforce. By giving your employees a way to upskill with verified credentials, you will give them a clear path toward the future of their careers within your organization. That's especially important to younger workers who want and need to see the road ahead to be motivated to excel in the here and now.

If your company isn't already offering training and education through learning and development programs, start with a professional association.

Virtual learning: How professional associations can help

There are nearly 67,000 professional associations in the United States, with most offering online learning courses for their members, according to ASAE — the American Society of Association Executives.

Does your profession require continuing education credits? If so, you already know that professional associations are your go-to resource for education and training, whether it's in-person seminars, conferences, or daylong learning sessions. Online courses, webinars, or other virtual training sessions continue to be popular options, especially in this age of social distancing. But even if your profession doesn't require CLE, professional associations should be offering online training. They are the authority on training in any given field.

For many associations, training, education, and certifications are integral to their mission. It's about advancing standards and practices within their industry via curricula designed to take professionals to the next level in their chosen fields. By taking advantage of that resource, your employees gain skills and knowledge essential to their upward trajectory within your company.

Digital credentials are a key part of the process. Credentials offer verification that a learner has successfully completed any given course, proof that they have dedicated their time and effort to gain the knowledge that's essential for advancing in their careers. The training offered by a professional association and the digital credentials earned by a learner goes hand in hand.

Why virtual learning is important now and will remain important in the future

With social distancing being the norm in most locations around the country (and the world), virtual learning has never been more vital. Employees being able to keep up with their CLE credits, upskill with new and interesting courses, or simply brush up on the latest and greatest information in their field is crucial during this time. This learning keeps your workforce engaged and gives them security their jobs aren't going away. But even when, in the not-so-distant future, restrictions are eased and we emerge from this crisis, virtual learning will still play an important role.

Why? Virtual learning allows your employees to earn their credentials anytime, anywhere, on their schedules. No taking off a half-day to attend an in-person session. It can all be done at their desks, during their lunch hours, or whenever they have some downtime. That's a win-win for your company and your employees, and your professional association is the key to helping you make that happen.

If you're interested in learning more about how digital credentials can help your organization validate learning, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.