How to Add Your Digital Certification Badge to Your Email Signature

    Sharing your digital credential is an effective way to take credit for your achievements in a way that can be instantly verified. Embedding your badge into an email signature is quick and easy. We'll show you how to do it with Outlook and Gmail.

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    Before you get started, make sure you have you assets ready to go (instructions are the same on Outlook and Gmail). Log into your Acclaim account and select the badge you'd like to share. Click the share button. Then click the download icon. Select small image. Next, click the URL icon and copy it to your clipboard.

    How to add a digital badge to Outlook signature:

    1. Start a new email message.

    2. Click signature. Either edit an existing signature or add a new one. 

    3. To add your badge, click the image icon. Locate the badge image you downloaded and insert.

    4. Hyperlink the image.

    5. Paste the badge URL that you copied from Acclaim.

    6. Save your new Outlook signature and you’re ready to show others what you’ve achieved the next time you send an email!

    How to add a digital badge to Gmail signature:

    1. Open settings and scroll to the signature block
    2. Use the picture icon to upload the badge image. You can resize the image now.
    3. Highlight the image and click on the link icon. It may look like nothing happened, but click back on the image and see where you can change the hyperlink.
    4. Paste the URL you copied.
    5. Save, and you're all set. Now anyone who receives an email with your signature can click on your badge to verify your achievement through Credly's Acclaim Platform. \

    Now, anyone who receives an email with your signature can click on your badge to verify your achievement through Credly's Acclaim Platform. Please note: your experience with a different email client may vary. Contact your email administrator if you have any questions.

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