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VIDEO: How to Create a Professional Profile That Will Stand Out


Standing out in a crowd, both digital and in-person, is a great way to get hired or promoted. Is your professional profile ready for viewing by an HR department or even your manager? If your answer isn't a resounding "yes!" watch this 2-minute video to learn the top four tricks to create a professional profile that will get you noticed. 

Creating a professional profile that highlights your achievements and experience is the first step towards securing the job that you want. Whether you’re gunning for a promotion or entering the workforce for the first time, it’s important to present yourself in the best way possible. Here are the four steps you need to create a professional profile that will help you stand out to recruiters, a human resources department, or even your manager.

1) Write a succinct headline that highlights your strengths. This will likely be the first thing someone sees when they’re viewing your LinkedIn profile or resume so make sure an outsider knows exactly what you know how to do at first glance. Avoid cliches like “ninja,” “guru,” or “rockstar,” and instead use words that cut to the core of your experience. Ten to fifteen words are the ideal length for a headline.
2) Write a summary that stands out. Now that you have a little more space to tell your story, use it to highlight your experience, your goals, and what your professional interests are. Try to keep it to forty words or less and be sure to include keywords that will show up in a search.
3) Choose a photo that is professional and shows your face. Whether on LinkedIn or your digital credential profile on Credly’s Acclaim platform, your photo should highlight you. Keep the photo focused on your face from the neck up, don’t use social media filters, and have it professionally shot if you’re able to. This is the only time you’ll have to show the human side of your professional profile, so make it count!
4) Artfully brag about your professional accomplishments. What makes you stand out from a stack of applicants? It’s probably what you’ve done above and beyond the four walls of your office. If you’ve earned a credential or learned a new skill, make sure those are highlighted on your profile or resume so that recruiters (or your manager) know that you’re willing to learn and have the initiative to seek out new skills. According to LinkedIn, members with five or more skills listed are contacted (messaged) up to 33 times more by recruiters and other LinkedIn members, and receive up to 17 times more profile views.

Implementing these changes are a foolproof way to tell the world that you take your career seriously and that you’re ready to be hired or promoted. Take your professional profile from ordinary to outstanding in just a few steps.