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    As the talent gap widens, lifelong learning is gaining importance. On-the-job training and skills-based learning, especially through digital credentials, address underemployment.

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    As the talent gap widens--there are 6.6 million open jobs in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics--more organizations and individuals are looking to lifelong learning as a solution. Many workplaces are embracing on-the-job training to engage and upskill workers, and millennials are turning to skills-based learning to combat underemployment.

    Continuing education--whether in the workplace, through a professional association, or at a higher education institution--can supplement an individual’s skill set and have a big impact. According to a report on adult training and education from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, 82% of adults reported that a work credential was very useful for getting a job. 80% reported the credential was helpful in keeping a job, and 81% said it keeps them marketable to employers or clients.

    Adding a digital credentialing component to competency-based learning makes the skills portable, verified and secure, and digital credentials can help bridge the employee-employer communications gap in filling jobs. When jobs went unfulfilled at a Denver-based architecture firm, Colorado Community College System (CCCS) stepped in with a digital credentialing program. This work created a common language between employers and prospective employees and helped identify skills that were hiding in traditional resumes and transcripts. Read more here.

    Recognizing smaller bundles of learning with digital credentials can also keep lifelong learners engaged and motivated. Read more about how American Council on Education, a Credly partner, is using digital credentials to recognize professional and academic achievements for its College Credit Recommendation Service in this blog post.

    Credly by Pearson helps thousands of organizations--from corporations to communication colleges to professional associations--develop successful digital credentialing programs. Schedule a chat with our team now!

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