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What Should Hiring Managers Know About Hiring Recent College Grads?

A college education is vital to long-term earning potential and the United States is ripe with graduates who are eager to enter the workforce. Having grown up in the digital age, these recent grads are primed for modern work. The current generation of college graduates who are ready and willing to enter the job market are faced with a unique challenge of having to replace an aging workforce. Baby Boomers are nearing retirement, and in order to ensure economic stability, replacing and training workers efficiently is paramount to longevity. 

Here are three tips that hiring managers can use to hire college graduates that will make an enormous impact on your business: 

  • They were raised having the world at their fingertips, and they know their way around the internet. Generation Z - those born between 1995 and 2015 - have grown up with information at their fingertips. They may be unfamiliar with the Dewey Decimal System, but they’re well-versed in finding the information they need, quickly. Use this tech savviness to your company’s advantage and place recent graduates in research roles, including sales development, recruitment and human resources, and business analysts. 
  • Skip extensive onboarding and take advantage of what they already know. Colleges and universities do a great job of honing soft-skills - management, leadership, and empathy, to name a few. Take advantage of that foundation and focus on creating a culture of curiosity. Technical training is vital to career success, but skip the redundancy and everyone wins. Relying on digital credentials as proof of emotional intelligence can speed up both the hiring and onboarding process. 
  • Ditch old school business practices and embrace the future of work. Remember five years ago when tech companies thought they needed ping-pong tables to be attractive to potential candidates? Those days are long gone. The new generation of workers wants work/life balance, the flexibility for remote work, and the opportunity to learn new skills while on the job. They’ll take health insurance over a beer on tap any day. 

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