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    Building a Global Pipeline of New Cloud Talent with Digital Badges

    Building a Global Pipeline of New Cloud Talent

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides scalable and on-demand cloud computing solutions to individuals, companies, and governments. The organization offers a range of training programs and certifications that enable customers and individuals to effectively deploy and manage their platforms and applications. 

    One example is AWS Education Programs, which prepare the next generation of diverse cloud-skilled talent. AWS Education Programs like AWS Academy, AWS Educate, and AWS re/Start are designed to meet learners at their current stage in life to prepare them for in-demand, entry-level cloud roles around the world. 

    In addition to teaching individuals the skills they need to use AWS platforms and APIs, AWS Education Programs offer learners the opportunity to put those skills into practice and gain real-world
    cloud experience. 

    As a global brand with an extensive amount of customers and partners, AWS issues digital badges to help its learners verify their skills, share their achievements, and connect with opportunities. These learners seek digital badges for a variety of reasons, including increasing employability, expanding their skill sets, and exploring different pathways in cloud technology. And the employers that hire them see positive outcomes as well.



    AWS and Credly conducted a survey in May 2022 with people who earned at least one AWS Education Programs digital badge to learn about their experiences and outcomes. Recipients of these AWS Education Programs digital badges reported experiencing a range of positive job-related benefits from their digital badge, including:

    24 %

    earned a raise

    19 %

    got a promotion

    42 %

    got a new job

    35 %

    changed careers

    22 %

    improved job security

    24 %

    experienced other job-related benefits

    Overall, 99% of learners consider their AWS digital badge valuable. And, 62% experienced value from their AWS digital badge in less than six months.

    When surveyed on their opinion of the AWS Education Programs, 98% of respondents reported they’re more likely to use and recommend AWS in the future after earning their AWS digital badge.

    “Receiving my AWS digital badge has allowed me to be qualified for new roles in my company, resulting in a promotion, job security, and a raise.”

    AWS Academy Cloud Foundations badge earner


    AWS customers and partners also see positive outcomes from its digital badge program. In addition to enabling employers to hire individuals who are up-to-date in AWS Cloud, individuals with a digital badge from AWS Education Programs tend to stay longer in their roles. One employer who sources candidates with a digital badge finds that the badges make it easier to identify skilled, engaged candidates.  “Individuals with badges have more on the line that they’ve invested and are honed in on what they want to do.”

    AWS Education Programs Learner Sentiments

    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Social group

    99% consider their badge valuable

    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Data graphs2

    94% experienced an increase in job satisfaction

    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Nature

    85% earned a raise, landed a promotion, or got a new job

    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Callendar

    62% saw value in less than six months


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    Skills Transferability for Learners

    AWS Academy, AWS Educate, and AWS re/Start curriculums focus on reaching individuals at different stages in their careers, whether they’re the first person in their family to go to school, are looking for a career change, or want to advance their careers. Each digital badge within these programs is developed based on employer needs and real-world scenarios to teach individuals valuable, transferable skills that can be applied in a variety of workplaces.

    Forty-nine percent of AWS Education Programs learners surveyed say that digital badges help them connect to career opportunities. And, 40% of learners agree that having a digital badge increases visibility into their skills, allowing others to readily find them based on the skills they earned from the programs.

    Sixty-six percent of AWS digital badge recipients were rewarded at their current companies with a promotion, raise, or increased job security for earning at least one badge.

    “ I got a new job and salary raise after earning my AWS Academy badges.”

    AWS Academy Cloud Foundations badge earner

    Employer and AWS Partner Spotlight

    Belle Fleur Technologies, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, services clients hosted on AWS across the Finance, Life Sciences, Marketing and eCommerce, Manufacturing, and Technology industries. Although they’re a consulting firm, Belle Fleur Technologies has an open pipeline to new cloud talent, so they sometimes help individuals with the right skills and credentials at other companies. This includes members of underserved communities who are reskilling themselves for roles in technology.

    When asked her thoughts on the difference between entry-level staff with and without an AWS digital badge, Tia Dubuisson, President and Founder of Belle Fleur Technologies, shared that she’s seen recipients of AWS digital badges stay longer in their roles. She attributes this commitment to the amount of time learners have invested in building their skills and their propensity to continue learning. 

    Dubuisson added that she’s observed many people enter the industry and try to figure out what their pathway and story in tech will be. These badges help learners find their pathway, see what they need to learn next, and figure out how they can add value.

    Learner Spotlight

    “I come from a non-tech background. After studying, I’ve completely changed my life at 37 years old. I have a job in the industry and am over the moon.”

    AWS re/Start Graduate and badge earner


    Digital badges are a key component to the success of AWS Education Programs’ graduates. They empower learners to share their skills, get recognized for their achievements, and connect to employment opportunities.

    At Credly, we’re changing the way people get hired, promoted, and connected to opportunities. Contact us to find out how your talent acquisition teams and hiring managers can find the most qualified candidates via digital credentials. 


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