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    Building an Ecosystem of Professionals: Acclaim's Role in IPWEA's Organic Marketing and Community Development


    Learn how IPWEA revolutionize skills standards and foster a global ecosystem of professionals through digital credentials.


    The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) is a professional organization providing member services and advocacy for those involved in and delivering public works and engineering services to the community both in Australia and New Zealand and across the globe. Their extensive membership includes managers and staff from all tiers of Government and a wide range of specialized consultancy firms in the public infrastructure sector.

    The credibility and reputation of IPWEA is rooted in its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality educational programs and recognition.  As an industry body, IPWEA takes on the responsibility of not only educating but also influencing the standards and content related to improving the necessary skills in asset management. This is where digital badges play a pivotal role, serving as key tools to facilitate the recognition and verification of the learning outcomes achieved by learners. By utilizing digital badges, IPWEA ensures that its education offerings impart knowledge and provide tangible evidence of skill acquisition and professional growth.

    A Trusted Platform for Digital Badging 

    To start, IPWEA recognized the importance of partnering with a trusted digital credentialing platform. Acclaim was chosen as it is known for its credibility and reliability, trusted by organizations of all sizes, including large enterprises, smaller organizations, institutions, and universities globally. The variety of customers and partnerships assured IPWEA that their digital badges would be valued and recognized in the industry. 

    Despite initial hesitations regarding the shift from PDF certificates, IPWEA substantially adopted this innovative approach to ensure their learners have accessible and credible recognition. By leveraging digital badges, IPWEA has enhanced its brand visibility and expanded its international reach. 

    Elevating Brand Visibility and International Outreach

    IPWEA places great importance on creating value and celebrating the accomplishments of its learners. They actively engage with shared badges online to foster a sense of community and contribute to developing a sustainable model. Their commitment has led to positive outcomes in IPWEA's digital badging initiative:

    • An impressive acceptance rate of 80% in certain courses within their credentialing program.
    • A consistent average acceptance rate of 73% (compared to the 67% average).
    • An average share rate of 77% (compared to the 47% average).

    The inclusion of social sharing options has significantly contributed to the increased visibility of IPWEA's brand and the establishment of its Asset Management Pathway. Additionally, it has facilitated the enrollment of international learners who were influenced by LinkedIn sharing. These accomplishments have strengthened IPWEA's reputation and attracted like-minded professionals with similar interests and goals. 

    Enhances Efficiency and Flexibility with Digital Credentials

    The implementation of a digital credentialing program has not only expanded IPWEA's outreach but has also significantly reduced administrative efforts for their team. Recognising the diverse range of courses they offer, it is crucial for IPWEA to provide certifications in formats that suit the learners' preferences. This is where the diverse features and sharing options available on the Acclaim platform prove highly valuable.

    For instance, professionals completing the Fleet Management Certificate course often prefer traditional paper certificates. With Acclaim, IPWEA can easily craft printable certificates in just a few steps with Certificate Maker. This eliminates needing a dedicated person to manage and issue paper certificates upon request. As a result, both IPWEA and their badge earners save valuable time and effort while still accommodating the preferences of learners who prefer physical certificates.

    ''I think the days are going when you can go for a bit of training here and there or attend a conference now and then. You know people are expecting more, and they want more value. And Credly by Pearson is a good partner to add further weight and credibility to what we do.''

    David Jenkins

    Building an ecosystem 

    IPWEA's digital badging initiative has demonstrated significant growth and success. Building upon this momentum, IPWEA plans to introduce shorter credentials covering a range of topics. These new asynchronous courses, ranging from 3-5 hours, offer greater flexibility for learners, enabling them to sign up based on their specific needs and preferences.

     As the profession evolves, IPWEA remains committed to continuously evolving its pathway and staying at the forefront of industry demands. With Acclaim, IPWEA is poised to promote innovation, exceptional professional development, and lifelong learning opportunities in public works and engineering.

    IPWEA's journey with digital badging and Acclaim showcases the transformative power of leveraging technology in education and recognition. By implementing digital badges, IPWEA has strengthened its brand, expanded its international reach, and established a credible ecosystem for professionals.

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