A Field Guide to Partnering with Employers to Create Workforce-Relevant Credentials

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     In May 2017, record-low unemployment rates were achieved in Colorado and six other U.S. states, highlighting a paradoxical challenge of persistent skills gaps hindering employment opportunities. The tight labor market left employers struggling to fill positions despite job availability. Globally, 77% of CEOs recognized skills gaps as a growth-limiting factor. The skills scarcity encompassed technical competencies and essential employability skills. Beyond the shortage of qualified workers, a communication gap between job-seekers and employers persisted, compounded by the difficulty of translating student outcomes into terms understandable and trusted by employers.

    In response to the challenge, The Colorado Community College System (CCCS), a user of Credly Acclaim, effectively employed digital credentials to enable students to articulate their skills and abilities, facilitating employers in identifying and upskilling talent.

    The field guide outlines how higher education institutions are collaborating with employers to develop and leverage workforce-relevant digital credentials, empowering learners. The guide comprises five strategies, derived from global best practices and the experiences of the Colorado Community College System:

    1. Building a Team of Credential Champions
    2. Identifying Priority Industries or Employers
    3. Creating an Onboarding Program
    4. Issuing Credentials
    5. Conducting After-Action Reviews

    The guide offers a detailed, step-by-step approach within each stage, accompanied by checklists to assist through the process.

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