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    A Recruiter’s Guide to a More Efficient and Effective Skills-Based Hiring Process

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    Today’s recruiting process is rife with challenges. Many organizations—even large, enterprise level businesses—lack a repeatable, streamlined process to find the right candidates for the right positions. And even when matches are found, it often takes months to fill open roles—leaving both recruiters and applicants extremely frustrated. 

    Inefficient, inaccurate hiring processes are preventing organizations from hiring, retaining, and maintaining the workforce necessary to compete in today’s highly competitive, constantly changing business environment. A new hiring strategy is needed—one that makes it easy to source and evaluate candidates using verifiable skills and scientifically validated assessments over outdated proxies screened by decades old applicant tracking systems.

    Download this white paper to learn: 

    • The common challenges faced by recruiters today, and how they're impacting the ability for organizations to hire top talent 
    • How to implement a data-driven approach to hiring that allows recruiters to quickly identify candidates with the right hard skills to excel in a specific role
    • Ways to objectively evaluate a candidate's soft skills, personality, and intrinsic motivators to assess fit to the job and company culture 

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