How to Empower Your Employees for Success in the Age of AI

    In today's AI-driven world, empowering employees with essential skills is crucial. This factsheet explores AI's pivotal role across industries and highlights how digital badges motivate and validate employees, ensuring they stay abreast of AI advancements.
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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and the changes that come with it can be uncertain. The International Monetary Fund estimates that about 60% of jobs in advanced economies may be impacted by the technology. Global research by Pearson found that at least 30% of white-collar job tasks could be done by generative AI. With AI being inevitably important, this factsheet will focus on what organizations can do to empower their employees for success in the age of AI.

    The Benefits of AI

    AI is already a powerful force increasing efficiency and driving innovation in many industries.
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    Information Technology

    About 30% of IT professionals are using AI and automation tools to streamline their work. Plus, 92% of software developers use AI for low-level coding tasks


    AI assistance is already being used in clinical documentation, imaging and surgery. The broader adoption of AI could save the industry $360 billion a year.
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    Customer Service

    AI use in customer service has increased by 88% since 2020. Customer support agents using an AI tool saw a nearly 14% increase in productivity.

    The Rise of Soft Skills

    As demand surges for technical skills to manage AI systems, the need for human skills to complement technology will grow even faster. Research from Pearson showed that the top in-demand skills of future employees are soft skills, such as collaboration and social intelligence.

    The increasing value of human-centric skills extends across industries and job roles. According to the training industry skills outlook reports by Pearson :

    • For engineering roles, six of the top ten in-demand skills are soft skills like communication and problem solving.
    • In construction, while many workers will need to know how to operate AI-powered equipment, the top three trending skills for blue-collar jobs are soft skills.

    Strategies for Empowering Employees for AI Success

    The AI era demands new approaches to workforce development. Only 47% of companies believe they are sufficiently educating their employees on the value of AI. However, most businesses plan to incorporate AI training into their talent strategies in the next two years.

    Here are crucial strategies to reap AI benefits and foster more employee engagement:

    • Invest in training and upskilling: About 84% of employees expect their employer to provide the training to evolve their skills. Create programs to develop AI-adjacent skills.
    • Promote collaboration: By leveraging diverse skills, cross-functional teams make innovative breakthroughs. For example, Google's AI researchers’ collaboration with healthcare professionals led to the development of AI diagnostics tools to detect cancer more accurately, quickly and consistently.
    • Foster a culture of innovation: Organizations with an innovative culture are twice as effective in scaling their digital transformations. Dedicate time for employees to experiment with AI where failure can be part of learning.
    • Ensure fairness and transparency: Only 55% of employees are confident their organization will deploy AI responsibly. Choose AI solutions that minimize biases and include transparent processes to mitigate problems.
    • Provide support and recognition: Celebrate employees who effectively integrate AI into their work. Publicly recognize those demonstrating exemplary human judgment, creativity and ethical use of AI tools. Employees who feel recognized are four times as likely to be engaged.

    The Role of Digital Badges

    With trusted platforms like Credly, digital credentials offer a powerful tool to support employee AI skills training. Here's how:


    • Credentials are tangible rewards for skill development, demonstrating an organization's commitment to employee growth. They boost morale and motivate continued upskilling.


    • Digital credentials explicitly recognize innovation with AI. This fosters an experimental mindset where employees feel valued for pushing boundaries.


    • Credentials provide clear, verifiable records of skills and accomplishments. This promotes objective, merit-based recognition and builds trust between employees and the organization. 

    Autodesk Trains Workforce on Innovative Technology

    Autodesk, the global leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, developed a digital credential program to train its employees and the future workforce on emerging technologies and skills. Since the program launch, Autodesk has issued hundreds of thousands of digital credentials to a global community of designers, engineers and other manufacturing professionals.

    Organizations that view AI as a tool to augment human talent, and strategically invest in upskilling and cultivating a collaborative workplace, will see the highest ROI and retain their most valuable asset – their people.

    See how digital credentials powered by Credly can empower employees to succeed in an AI-driven future.

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