Meeting the Demands of the Future Workforce: Soft Skills Training for the AI Revolution

    With AI predicted to revolutionise work, the need for human and soft skills will grow. But how can you effectively validate and demonstrate these soft skills to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow? 
    calendar-plus-01 August 9, 2023
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    Meeting the Demands of the Future Workforce: Soft Skills Training for the AI Revolution Front Cover and First Page

    The impact of artificial intelligence on employment is a topic of intense debate. Some estimates predict that AI could impact nearly 300 million jobs globally while automating up to 46% of required tasks in office and administrative roles.

    However, in the era of AI it is anticipated that the need for ‘soft’ and ‘human’ skills will only grow, and even now are some of the most sought after skills by employers. But how can you prove competencies in skills like leadership, creativity and critical thinking?

    In this whitepaper, we examine:
    • How AI augments human capabilities and why soft skills are indispensable in the age of automation.
    • The significance of digital credentials in validating and demonstrating soft skills, and how to implement effective digital credentialing programs to support these skills.
    • Strategies for successful navigating the skills demands during the AI revolution.

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