How to Maximise Your Employee Skills Training Budget and ROI

    With L&D budgets being increasingly reduced, leaders are looking to improve how they measure ROI of internal training programs. Download our whitepaper to discover strategies to demonstrate training ROI and maximize the effectiveness of your budget.
    calendar-plus-01 June 25, 2024
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    With relatively large budgets and the challenge of tying expenditures to business results, L&D can be an easy mark for corporate cost cutters. However, despite budgets being reduced over the last few years, only 33% of organizations say they are measuring the impact of their employee training on financial incomes.

    To ensure budget is used effectively and secured year after year, L&D teams must look at ways they can align training programs with business needs and prove ROI. In our whitepaper, we’ve broken down the challenges of measuring the performance of L&D initiatives and provided strategies for you to create programs that generate real business impact.

    Use this whitepaper to: 

    • Discover best practices for measuring employee learning.
    • Explore the significance of verified skills versus inferred skills.
    • Understand key metrics that resonate with leadership.
    • Gain insights into the available data on Credly digital badges.

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