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    Strategic Checklist: How Training Providers can Grow their Business Using the Power of Digital Credentials

    In this strategic checklist we explore how training providers can grow their business and strengthen customer relationships to meet training demand with digital credentials.
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    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that 1 billion jobs worldwide are likely to be transformed by technology over the next decade – leading to a monumental requirement for reskilling (or a Reskilling Revolution according to the World Economic Forum). Some don’t think we even have a decade. Additionally, Harvard Business Publishing found that 54% of the entire workforce will require upskilling or reskilling by 2025.

    This presents a prime opportunity for training providers, but how do you capitalize?

    In this strategic checklist, we examine the value of digital credentials as an easy, practical route to build the skills base your customers need, increase demand for your training, and cement long-term customer relationships.

    In this new white paper, you'll learn:

    • How training providers can take advantage of the increasing upskilling/reskilling need of businesses and individuals
    • How digital credentials can support with business growth among corporate clients and individual learners, and deepened customer relationship
    • And from the successes of training providers who have implemented successful digital credentialing programs and boosted brand awareness and learner engagement.

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