What Are the Top 5 Skills Needed in Engineering in 2024?

    As there is a shortage of skilled engineers and traditional courses are not sufficient to bridge the education gap, it is important for training providers and associations to comprehend the evolving engineering roles and skills required to prepare a future-ready workforce. This factsheet will examine the five most sought-after skills in engineering roles, supported by exclusive data from Faethm by Pearson.

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    What Are the Top 5 Skills Needed in Engineering in 2024?

    Rapid global economic shifts driven by new technologies, greener initiatives, and broader trends affect the engineering workforce, leading to a shortage of skilled engineers worldwide. Training providers and associations must understand evolving engineering roles to prepare a future-ready workforce.

    The Global Shortage of Skilled Engineers

    1 M

    shortfall of engineers by 2030 in the UK


    engineers will need to be hired in Japan in the next ten years to match the investment pace


    engineers needed in the Netherlands in the next three years

    Factors Behind the Talent Shortage

    Pictogram-RGB-Lime Green_City

    4.0 Industrial Revolution

    Engineers increasingly need to grasp 4.0 Industrial Revolution's automation and data trends like IoT, and smart factories for manufacturing and product design.
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    Quality of Education

    Graduates often lack essential job skills due to outdated pedagogy and coursework misalignment with industry needs.
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    Demand for Soft Skills

    Tech-forward businesses increasingly demand human skills like risk management and green analysis for safe technology implementation.

    What are the Top 5 skills needed in Engineering in 2024?

    Pictogram-RGB-Bright Orange_Planning

     Communication Skills


    Pictogram-RGB-Bright Orange_Precision



    Pictogram-RGB-Bright Orange_Social groupVerbal Communication Skills 


    Writing Implements 3Manufacturing


    Pictogram-RGB-Bright Orange_Notebook2

     Project Management


    Three of the top five demanded skills are soft skills, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive skill set in engineering. Strong communication and problem-solving abilities are crucial for successfully navigating the evolving landscape. While engineering skills are essential, further categorization may be needed to meet the specific demands of different roles within the sector.

    *Data Source: Pearson Labour Market Data

    To gain insights into the top ten engineering skills and the latest learning trends to enhance your training and membership programs, download our "2024 Training Industry Skills Outlook—Engineering" via the form below.

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