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    The Future of Work: How Digital Credentials Are Going to Be More Impactful than Ever Before

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    The global pandemic of 2020 has changed the workplace as we know it and will likely continue to reverberate through the employment landscape for some time. As the workforce settles into its new normal, the future of work will reflect changes in the workplace, leading to challenges in hiring.

    In this white paper from Credly, you'll learn:

    • Why there has been an acceleration of digital transformation. McKinsey's study into this new "distance economy" found companies need to rethink the hard and soft skills necessary to thrive.
    • Why 87% of executives said they face a skills gap in the workplace, according to the McKinsey Global Survey. Companies will need to find ways to upskill their current workers to close the widening skills gap.
    • What the modern approach is to combat challenges in hiring
    • Why hiring for skills, instead of degrees, will have a positive impact on the workforce 
    • How digital credentials can be used to validate skills during the hiring process 

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