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    Transform Earners Into Advocates: How Product Certification Providers Can Build an Engaged Community of Badge Earners

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    A great product is only half the battle in creating a leading product certification program. The rest relies on brand awareness, audience engagement, and community building.

    But how do you reach new professionals, sell more products, and build customer longevity without burning out your existing team?

    In this whitepaper, we will explore: 

    • Strategies for product certification providers to effectively engage their earner community.
    • The pivotal role of social sharing within this community.
    • The effectiveness of a digital credential platform with sharing capabilities as a powerful tool.

    Additionally, we will provide:

    • A snapshot featuring the global company Snowflake, showcasing how they leverage Credly Acclaim to enhance the visibility of their program.
    • A case study with ForgeRock highlighting the significance of digital credentials in fostering an engaged community.

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