Top Tips to Strengthen Marketing with Engaged Badge Earners

    According to our Credentialing Mastery Assessment, 50% of respondents cite limited marketing resources as a barrier to effectively engaging with earners. Explore effective ways to harness the social sharing features of digital badges and the expansive Credly network to engage your audience without a hefty marketing budget.

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    Digital badges are invaluable tools for employers and learning/training organizations to validate, verify, and celebrate the skills development of their learners and employees while also tracking their achievements [Check out our success stories]. The effectiveness of a digital credentialing program relies on several factors, including a robust governance plan and effective marketing activities aimed at both potential learners and existing earners.

    Yet, according to the results from our Credentialing Mastery Assessment, 50% of respondents cite limited marketing resources as a barrier to effectively engaging with earners. 

    Do you face a similar challenge? 

    Don't overlook interaction with badge earners. Engaging with earners is essential for organizations to foster loyalty, encourage advocacy, and enhance brand awareness. By actively involving earners in sharing their achievements and experiences, organizations can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing at a low cost. Their interaction with your organization also indicates the accessibility and impact of your credentials.

    In this factsheet, we will discuss various low-cost tactics focused on engaging earners to help you enhance the visibility and impact of your digital credentials. Additionally, we will show you how being part of a platform like Credly can position you to leverage a broad network that amplifies your marketing efforts.

    Top Tips to Strategies to Engage and Empower Badge Earners

    So, what else can you do to market your digital credentials program by engaging and supporting earners? Here are six ways to build relationships with your earners and strengthen your marketing and revenue without a massive budget.

    Tip 1

    Encourage social sharing

    Make conversations for badge earners on social media easier by offering guidelines on when and how to share. Include best practices for writing posts, tagging your brand, and talking about achievements. You can also develop a unique, branded hashtag to track and amplify the visibility of the posts.

    By encouraging social sharing, you build a community of advocates who promote your credentials organically, increasing your reach and credibility.

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    Tip 2

    Showcase badge earners

    Build social proof by creating a dedicated section on your website to showcase badge earners. Highlight their stories and achievements and how they use their credentials to reach their goals. These profiles can help potential badge earners envision their own success while creating content your organization can share on social media and in email newsletters.

    Showcasing earners not only celebrates their achievements but also builds a sense of community and trust, inspiring others to pursue your credentials.

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    Tip 3

    Engage with the earner community

    Actively engage with badge earners who share their achievements. Like, comment, and share their posts to boost visibility and show appreciation.

    Engaging with the community builds loyalty and encourages ongoing participation, turning your earners into enthusiastic promoters of your brand.

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    Tip 4

    Provide incentives

    Offer additional perks or recognition to those who share their badges, such as access to exclusive content, discounts on future courses, or early access to new products. Providing incentives encourages earners to share their success, driving word-of-mouth marketing and increasing the perceived value of your credentials.
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    Tip 5

    Use the metadata

    Write compelling and detailed descriptions for the badges you offer, highlighting the specific skills and achievements associated with each badge. Meaningful badge descriptions enhance the pride and motivation of earners, encouraging them to share their achievements and increasing the badges' perceived value.

    Detailed metadata also enhances badge discoverability within Credly’s network and improves search engine visibility.

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    Tip 6

    Track and analyze sharing metrics

    Use the built in analytics tool on Credly to track the sharing and engagement metrics of your badges. Identify which platforms and types of posts generate the most visibility and engagement. This data can inform what kind of content to create to continue online conversations. Plus, it can help you form specific calls to action for social sharing based on what performs best.
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    The Credly Network Effect

    92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising. This trust can be applied to verifiable digital badges. By enabling badge earners to easily showcase their credentials, organizations tap into this trust to amplify their digital credentials offerings. 

    Digital badges not only initiate conversations about skills and achievements but also attract new professionals seeking career advancement opportunities and individuals pursuing personal development goals. This sharing behavior is reinforced by Gen Z's reliance on digital platforms for product discovery and millennials' use of social comparison in decision-making processes.

    Partnering with Credly further enhances these benefits, aligning your organization's credentials with a network of over 3,500 leading brands and training programs. This affiliation not only boosts your brand's exposure but also fosters connections with prestigious industry players and prospective badge earners seeking credible skills validation.

    The Power of the Credly Network

    90 M +

    Credentials earned and managed

    650 K +

    Digital credentials shared every month

    3500 +

    Organizations issued their digital badges on Credly

    How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

    Do you want more tips on how to better manage and scale your credentialing program?

    Our Credential Mastery Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of how your current strategy measures up against credentialing best practices.

    Whether you’re an experienced credentialing program leader or just starting out, this assessment analyzes three key areas to build a personalized report to help you transform, adapt, and lead the way in credentialing excellence.

    Take the Credentialing Mastery Assessment

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