Marketing Tactics to Boost Digital Credentials Program

    More than 40% of respondents who completed our credentialing assessment identified a limited marketing budget as a significant obstacle in managing their credentialing program. Discover effective strategies to enhance program awareness, accelerate adoption, increase learner engagement, and enhance overall learner satisfaction.
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    Managers discussing tactcis to expand credentialing program awareness

    Credentialing program managers know that communicating the value of the program to learners is critical to its success. But doing so can be challenging. 

    40% of people who completed their Credly Credentialing Mastery Assessment (CMA) said lack of time and budget constraints hindered their efforts to maximize the benefits of digital credentials. Even when there is money for marketing, how those resources are used and the ROI they generate will be closely watched — putting more pressure on credentialing program managers. 

    However, the more badge issuers promote their credentialing programs, the more learners will engage with them. That creates a virtuous cycle of more learning, stronger word-of-mouth about the learning program, and greater adoption.

    In this blog, we explore simple and effective tactics that credentialing program managers can use to spread the word about the benefits of digital credentials — even without a large marketing budget.


    7 Effective Marketing Tactics

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    Create a Dedicated Web Page

    A dedicated web page allows potential badge earners to see what digital credentials are available for what skills. You can share the page via email, social media, and chat platforms such as Slack. 

    You can optimize the page for search by including terms such as “digital badges,” “digital credentials,” “upskilling,” “reskilling,” and “training.” Monitoring the number of visitors to the web page and the time they spend there will provide insights about your credentialing program.

    Here's a webpage built by Google Cloud that clearly outlines the benefits and different credentials available.

    Google Cloud web page


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    Use Trackable URLs 

    Using Google Analytics, you can create UTMs (“Urchin Tracking Module”)—special links that appear when you review visitor data for your website. This allows you to measure the traffic from the Credly badging program website, showing engagement and interest in your digital badge initiative. 

    In addition to web visitors from your badge pages on the Credly platform, you can also use Google Analytics to track sign-ups and other actions. Learn more about implementing trackable URLs.

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    Create Automated Reminders to Accept Badges

    When a learner completes a class or training program, they’ll be excited about the accomplishment. Now’s the time for an automated — but personalized — congratulatory email reminding them to claim and share the badge.

    You can also share valuable information: instructions on accepting the badge and adding it to a digital portfolio or social media profile; clickable links to streamline the process; and a link to the FAQ for badge earners. Make the email more persuasive by including testimonials from other badge earners or statistics about how many people have earned badges. 

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    Engage With Online Sharing 

    When someone shares a digital badge on their social media profiles, you can recognize them and spread the word about it by liking, commenting on and sharing their post. In your automated congratulatory email, you can also encourage learners to tag your organization or use specific hashtags related to your credentialing program. These actions help increase the visibility of this user-generated content.

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     Share Badge Earners Stories

    Share learner stories to highlight the benefits of digital credentials. This could involve conducting interviews with badge earners or collecting testimonials. You can also collect and share user-generated content, such as video testimonials or users providing their feedback and opinions of a credential or training course.

    This content can be shared on social media and websites as well as internal communications channels such as employee newsletters, chat apps or an intranet site. Sharing these stories recognizes the badge earner and spreads the word about digital credentials.

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    Monitor and Improve with Analytics

    Use Credly’s analytics dashboard to monitor and analyze key metrics for your digital credentialing program: Badge issuance rates, acceptance and sharing rates, website traffic and engagement, and conversion rates. Learner feedback can also help you assess the effectiveness and impact of your program.

    Employers using digital credentials may want to use data from your HR information system to assess other employment metrics for badge earners, such as promotion rates and performance reviews. Based on patterns in the data, you’ll identify areas for improvement.

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    Invest in Continuous Learning 

    Continuous learning and improvement within your team will also improve your digital badge program. Take advantage of resources such as Credly Academy, an online education center exclusively for Credly customers. 

    Credly Academy provides courses for administrators and team members to support your credentialing program, including a communications and marketing course. The Credly Customer Success Team also hosts masterclasses to help you strengthen and optimize your program.

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    Identify Goals and Get Started

    Effective marketing communication for your digital credentialing programs requires a plan with clear goals. Define your goals and target audience, write a clear and compelling value proposition, select appropriate channels and allocate resources. Then measure your efforts with key performance indicators that are aligned with your goals.

    If you’re looking for a digital credential issuing platform that can more effectively help you market and monitor your programs, get in touch to speak to one of our team about Credly.

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