American Sentinel University Offers Verifications of In-Demand Skills with Credly

    March 12, 2024
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    American Sentinel University, a leading education and training provider for healthcare practitioners, today announces the rollout of a digital credentials program allowing nursing professionals to showcase their accomplishments. In working with Credly, the digital credentials leader, American Sentinel University now provides digital badges to document the successful completion of certain credit and noncredit courses and the demonstration of in-demand healthcare skills. 
    One-third of healthcare professionals feel overworked, which causes them to devote less time to further their education. As demand for healthcare workers rises following the COVID-19 outbreak, practitioners can turn to short-term learning opportunities that result in earning a digital badge for the demonstration of specific competencies. At the forefront of the healthcare digital credentials movement, the program currently offers six badges: Infection Prevention and Control, Online Teaching in Nursing Education, Diagnostic Reasoning, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and Physical Assessment — all of which are in-demand during the pandemic.  
    “Degrees and certificates are still considered the coin of the realm within healthcare, but digital credentials are on the rise,” said William Tammone, American Sentinel University’s Chief Academic Officer and Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation. “For us, digital credentials are verifications of an individual’s competencies and, if competency-based education is important anywhere, it’s in healthcare. The industry is constantly evolving, and digital badges provide an opportunity for healthcare providers to quickly demonstrate the acquisition of specific skills needed in today’s healthcare environment.”
    With a responsibility to nurture students’ talent, American Sentinel University offers a resource for nursing professionals to be recognized for their important qualifications and capabilities. As a quick way to learn and demonstrate skills, the initiative addresses the need to identify talent gaps, create accredited training and provide online, affordable, accessible education to healthcare providers across the country. 
    “Healthcare professionals must continuously expand their knowledge and skills to keep up with the implications of the latest research, new technology and procedures, and changes in standards of care,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly.  “American Sentinel University is providing a valuable service to learners and healthcare employers by helping connect those with in-demand skills to the professional opportunities that require them, using verified, data-rich proof of each practitioner’s knowledge, skills and abilities.”
    Through Credly’s Acclaim platform, achievements are displayed, shared, easily accessed and verified. Earned credentials can be directly used on professional networks and profiles, over email, and embedded in digital resumes and email signatures. They also help individuals stand out to employers so they can be discovered for new jobs, promotions, and other professional opportunities.
    Following the availability of the first six credentials, American Sentinel University will be broadening its badging program to other nursing competencies in the next few weeks. This expansion will include areas such as Telehealth, Interprofessional Communications, Prioritization of Care, and Nursing Quality Indicators.
    Stay updated on American Sentinel University’s digital credentials program by visiting

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