Digital Badges Now Connected to ETA International Certifications

    March 12, 2024
    2 min read
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    Digital badges that allow ETA International certification achievers to display their hard-earned credentials on social media pages, professional association websites and resumés are a new asset to all ETA certifications. ETA digital badges promote lifelong learning that extends beyond the classroom and brings to light accomplishments that otherwise might not have been visually displayed.

    “Digital badges have become a symbol of high-level credentials that are easily shared and easily recognized,” said ETA International President Teresa Maher, CSS.

    ETA digital credentials can easily be searched at, allowing employers looking for specific skills to seek out prospective employees based on a set of competencies, instead of waiting and hoping to find the right candidate.

    ETA choose Credly for the digital badges platform because it is the only system with complete two-way Open Badge Specification support.

    Each new certification holder will automatically receive an email from ETA via the service provider, Credly, with directions on how to save and share the digital badge on social and professional networks. Previous recipients of ETA certifications may request their digital badge simply by calling or emailing ETA at 800-288-3824 or eta(at)eta-i(dot)org. This free member benefit is available to anyone with a valid ETA credential.

    Benefits associated with ETA digital badges include the ability to capture the complete learning path, "traveling" with the holder wherever they display the badge, symbolizing skills and achievements. Each badge is tethered to ETA to validate achievement and carries with it information about assessment, evidence and other data required by the badge.

    By promoting digital badges, ETA International is contributing to the climate of change that education and business sectors are generating in today’s technology-driven, information-rich society. Learn more about ETA’s accredited technical certifications and digital badges today at

    About ETA - Since 1978, ETA has issued over 200,000 professional certifications. Widely recognized and frequently used in worker job selection, hiring processes, pay increases, and advancements, ETA certifications are often required as companies bid on contracts. ETA’s certifications are personal and travel with the individual, regardless of employment or status change and measure competencies of persons, not products or vendors. All ETA certifications are accredited through the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) and align with the ISO-17024 standard.

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