News: Lehman College Issues New Digital Diploma through Credly's Acclaim Platform

    March 12, 2024
    Adam Masur
    1 min read
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    This week, Lehman College announced a new option for graduates to receive their diploma. In addition to issuing traditional paper diplomas to graduates, Lehman College will now issue a digital diploma through Credly. The institution has also decided to support its digital diploma with blockchain technology. Students will have the option to publish their digital diploma to the blockchain through Credly. 
    In February, we made publishing to blockchain available to all of our credential issuers. For those credential earners whose issuing organization chooses to enable blockchain technology, they have one more avenue for sharing their achievements in a way that is secure and future-proof. Lehman College is one of those credential issuers eager to make use of blockchain technology. 
    “Digital credentials provide students with a secure, portable, verified record of learning achievements," said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly, in Lehman College’s press release. "In offering the ability to publish those achievements to blockchain, Lehman College is taking steps to future-proof the accessibility and ongoing integrity of its digital credentials."

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