What Are the Top 5 Skills Needed in Construction in 2024?

    Training providers and associations must offer updated programs and membership aligned with emerging skills to stand out in a crowded market. This factsheet will look at the five most in-demand skills in construction roles, supported by exclusive data from Faethm by Pearson.

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    What Are the Top 5 Skills Needed in Construction in 2024?

    In light of rapid technological advancements, upskilling and reskilling are crucial. Training providers and professional associations must prioritize incorporating the latest trends and essential skills to stay competitive. Explore the top five in-demand skills in Construction across the US, UK, and Australia.

    The Evolving Workforce Landscape

    1.4 M +

    workers need reskilling by 2026.

    154 B +

    worth of the global soft skills training market expected in 2027.

    91 %

    of construction businesses in Europe, the US and China are predicting a skills crisis over the next ten years.

    The Drivers of Landscape Transformation

    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Tablet2

    The Rise of Generative AI

    With the rise of generative AI, the sector aims to enhance project design, scheduling, cost control, site inspection, safety, compliance, and quality assurance.
    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Social group

    The Need for Soft Skills

    Soft skills are crucial for contextualizing information and formulating and communicating informed recommendations.
    Pictogram-RGB-Coral Pink_Scales measure

    Evolving Compliance Regulations

    As sustainability standards rise and digital tech like BIM and cloud-based project management integrate, compliance becomes a key industry challenge.

    The Top 5 Most Demanded Skills in Construction Roles

    Pictogram-RGB-Marine Turquoise_Communication

     Communication Skills


    Pictogram-RGB-Marine Turquoise_Cogs

     Heavy Lifting 


    Pictogram-RGB-Marine Turquoise_Notebook1Project Management 


    Pictogram-RGB-Marine Turquoise_MegaphoneVerbal Communication Skills


    Pictogram-RGB-Marine Turquoise_Nature



    The inclusion of both technical skills (heavy lifting) and managerial skills (project management, leadership) in the top skills emphasizes the need for a delicate balance between hands-on technical expertise and managerial capabilities within the construction workforce.

    * Data source: Pearson Labor Market Data

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